Leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment in Ukraine

About the brand

The company is one of the largest production sites of wide-coverage irrigation systems in Ukraine. The production of irrigation equipment was launched in 2016.

  • 16,000 sq.m. production areas
  • Own new hot dip galvanization factory
  • Certified metal quality control laboratory
  • Own warehouse with a full set of spare parts and consumables

About the team

Our team of professionals will help to select the most efficient irrigation systems for your needs.

  • 400 production employees
  • More than 20 developers in the design department
  • 3 representative officesin Ukraine (Kiev, Kharkiv, Melitopol)
  • 7 own installation and service crews

Our managers

ALEXANDER YUZKOV ALEXANDER YUZKOV Head of irrigation equipment direction

VASILIY BABITSKIY VASILIY BABITSKIY Head of irrigation equipment projects

STANISLAV VOZNY STANISLAV VOZNY Head of the Melitopol service center of the company

IRAKLI IMNADZE IRAKLI IMNADZE Chief Business Development Officer

Our partners


About the Variant Group of companies

Variant Irrigation is a part of a group of 12 enterprises
pic 10 metalworking
pic 35 directions of production

Other companies of the Group

Variant Factory LTD

Ukrainian family business

The Variant Group of companies is a family business. Its founder, Said Shufani, manages the group together with his sons.

About us

"We never sacrifice quality; we take responsibility for each object, product and project"