About the system

The system of remote control of pivot irrigation systems "VI control" from TM "Variant Irrigation" allows controlling irrigation remotely through the browser of the user's device (computer, tablet, smartphone) via the Internet or WI-FI.

The web page shows all the functions of the operator panel and the functions of all the main hardware controls and displays related to remote control mode.

What the system can do

  • Control one or more systems at the same time
  • Start / stop the movement of the systems
  • Move it to a specific location on the field
  • Start / stop watering
  • Regulate the rate and speed of watering
  • Show water and electricity consumption
  • Demonstrate the operation of the systems in real time (its position and its performance characteristics)

Principle of operation

After starting an irrigation system, the data of its modem is registered in the program. It also includes: GPS coordinates of the field, the length of the irrigation system, the sector of its operation and other parameters. Then the signal of any mobile operator is activated. And everything is ready to work.

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Get test access to the program

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